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In a series of webinars, our goal is to demystify sustainability by covering one topic at a time along the fields of 4D Sustainability Canvas and showcase practices that SME's can adopt to rise above business as usual after the pandemic.

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Liza Degtyareva - Hungary | UK

Founder | 4D Sustainability Canvas

Advocate of a value-driven new economy, Liza is a multi-skilled consultant helping companies unlock their potential for positive impact, her expertise lies in the fields of business strategy, impact measurement and sustainable development.


Marina Bradford - UK

Procurement & Sustainability

Advisor | Bemari

Passionate about supporting and scaling solutions that can have transformative impact on pressing social and environmental issues, Marina has a unique blend of expertise in operational change, risk management, sustainability and supply chains.

Akash Chander - UAE



Believes in the power of business to create social impact. Amani Institute Fellow,is conducting a research over Black employment in Brazil’s Southeast region.Is a consultant for Deloitte.

Yan Ragede - Brazil

Commercial Manager

& Socio-racial innovator

Dos Afros Pro Mundo

With a passion for social impact, Yan recently launched an action to help the recovery of informal black entrepreneurs, called Dos Afros Pro Mundo (From Afros To The World).

Giulia Lanzuolo - Brazil


Success Coordinator

Inovator, with experience in public management, Giulia is an Amani InstituteFellow and is conducting a research over Black employment in Brazil’s Southeast region.

Selma Moreira - Brazil

Executive Director | Baobá Fundo Para Equidade Racial

In recent years, her focus has been deepening academic knowledge of the history of the black population in Brazil.

This event was part of the Amani Institute initiative "Visions For Change", a 4-month journey exploring strategic insights and skills to reimagine our world beyond the pandemic

Visions for Change provided learning, support and networking opportunities free and open to all. In the spirit of the gift economy, they encouraged and invited people and companies to contribute to at least one of the organizations selected by Amani community for doing crucial work around the globe providing relief in communities that were hard-hit by COVID-19. The 4D Sustainability Canvas Team chose "Dos Afros Para o Mundo" to raise funds for, whose work is related to entrepreneurship and innovative businesses in the Afro-Brazilian community. Below, you can find out more about them.

About "Dos Afros Pro Mundo"

Strengthening Afro-Brazilian Entrepreneurs

Dos Afros Pro Mundo (From Afros To The World) is a new initiative giving visibility and support to black informal workers, afro entrepreneurs and innovative businesses and organizations that contribute to racial and social equality.

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